Updated for 2017!

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Regardless whether you know anything at all about web design, site building, or even Internet marketing, there is LOTS of money to be made "flipping" for CASH!
  • Even if you have little investment capital and are starting from scratch on a shoe-string budget...
  • Wherever you reside in the world, as long as you have an internet connection...
  • If you have a job with growing responsibilities cutting into your time, or even if you're currently unemployed..
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Marketers Alike...
Hi, and thanks for visiting my book page. My name is Donnie and I'm a web developer. In addition to a longtime career in IT, eCommerce, & web design jobs, I develop digital products and flip domain names and web sites (just like flipping houses, without the physical labor). Besides bringing in side income, my site flipping also helped me to partially finance a film several years ago.
I love to help people launch successful websites, and so in 2015, I wrote this book on site flipping during a few days of downtime. I put it on the shelf for a "future launch" and wet about my other projects. It isn't doing anyone any good just sitting on my hard drive, so I decided to release it for you to download and benefit from. I spent some time last month reading through and updating it, so you're not getting last year's information.

Introducing...Site Flip Tips

A Practical Guide to Buying & Selling Websites

No Matter What Your Situation...

You CAN Make Money As A Website Flipper!

In this book I'll take you through all the steps needed to build and sell a website. Whether you are buying an existing site or launching one from scratch, I discuss the pros and cons of each method, and give you tips to make the right choice for YOU.

Site Flipping is hands-down my favorite way to make money online; I've launched, owned, bought or sold hundreds of sites & domain names over the past 20 years. I make a very good living online and I want to show YOU how to do the same.

What's Inside...

    • Buying vs. Building
    • Domain Flipping
    • Assessing a site
    • How to prepare your site for sale
    • Site building resources
    • more

My hope is that this book will help you achieve your goals of making money online. Site Flipping is a fantastic way to supplement your income or provide a full-time income.

Download my book today and get ready to flip your first website!


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