Site Flip Tips

A Practical Guide to Buying & Selling Websites

Hi, thanks for visiting my book page. My name is Donnie and I'm a web developer. In addition to a longtime career in IT, eCommerce, & web design jobs, I develop digital products and flip domain names and web sites (just like flipping houses, without the physical labor). I wrote a book on it that may help you if you're interested in site flipping - you can get it here:

Besides bringing in side income, my site flipping also helped me to partially finance a film several years ago. At the moment I'm "renovating" 4 different sites to flip.

In 2015, I wrote a book on site flipping during a few days of downtime, and put it on the shelf for a "future launch". It isn't doing anyone any good just sitting on my hard drive, so I decided to release it for everyone to download and benefit from. I spent one afternoon last week reading through and updating it a bit, so you're not getting last year's information. I feel like it's finally ready to release, so here ya go...


    • Buying vs. Building
    • Domain Flipping
    • Assessing a site
    • How to prepare your site for sale
    • Site building resources
    • more

My hope is that it helps someone who might be out there struggling with this sort of thing. By no means am I a multi-gazillionaire site flipping guru - I've had losses, but in learning how to do it right, the gains have outpaced those. There are many factors that affect success, and hopefully some of my experience will help you.

Let me know what you think about the book - would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions for improving it.


Grab the book here: